Frog Bucks Sale – September 2013

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Grassland Aquatics

Grassland Aquatics

                Frog Bucks Sale !

FROG BUCKSIt is time for our Annual Frog Bucks Sale. Receive one Frog Buck dollar for every 10$ you spent   We have your purchases in the data base and can find your total available savings. Use the Frog Bucks for up to 50% off your purchase on in stock merchandise. Sale is good through the month of September.





JC POND STREAM TFall is a great time for the annual pond cleaning.  Plants can be repotted without  interrupting spring growth. Fish are stronger. And the water is warmer! If you need assistance for pond services,   

Grassland Aquatics offers pond cleaning/ maintenance, repair, filtration installation, fountain installation, and consultation.

There is information about our schedules and policies online at

or call 615-790-0776.





easter rain Do you need to clean out your pond for fall?

Check out the web site for more information on How to Clean Out Your Pond.



Fall Maintenance

If there is not much need for a total drain and clean, there may be some other fall task you want to perform before the winter cold sets in.

Fall task list.

  1. Report over grown water lilies and marginal plants. (Lotus plants are best repotted in the spring.) There are a few reasons why I like repotting water plants in the fall .Repotting in fall allow plants to establish before we get out first frost. You will not have to interrupt spring growth. And the water is warmer.
  2. Install pond netting to keep your clean pond from accumulating leaf debris during winter months. Even if you think you are not under a tree leaves blow for a long time in the winter and show up from all over. Pond netting in the winter also secures the fish from heron intrusion.
  3. Close to the last of October or when you are ready to discontinue feeding, check out biological filtration in water filter falls and bio filters. If there is a large accumulation of sludge in the bottom clean it out. Many people forget this and when they start back in spring the filters are running slow and are ineffective.


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