You Supply the Water We Supply the Rest

Our Story

We are located in scenic Grassland community near Franklin, TN. Easily Accessible from Nashville. We have access to over 200 varieties of plants mostly aquatic and grow many of our own. We carry beautiful healthy imported fish. Our store supplies all the hardware you need to construct your own pond, waterscape, waterfall, aquaponics, and disappearing fountains. 

Our staff is experienced in aquatic plant and fish care and will be happy to provide guidance to those new to the field. Healthy high quality plants, fish, and high end pond products at reasonable prices allow our customers to enjoy a beautiful well balanced garden or koi pond. 


● Consultations
● Routine Pond Maintenance
● Pond equipment installation & Repair

Flow Forms

Flow Forms revitalize water for gardens and landscapes. Improves mood and energy with negative ions and produces calming sounds of babbling water. Built with green materials the Shamrock water wells up gently in the center and flows out to perform a figure eight in each of the petals. The water then turns over a rising edge creating an oscillating curtain of water as it gently smoothes away. 

67"x 7.5" WXH 992LB (price does not include shipping or crate)

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