Winter Interest Aquatic Plants

Posted by Cathy Green on

Winter is upon us! But dying foliage doesn't have to mean a dead-looking pond!

While many marginals will need pruning before the first frost, several plants don't require it and, in fact, look great throughout winter without it! Reedy plants like Common Rush, Horsetail Rush, and Cattails provide tall texture that will rise above the snow, even as they dry and brown. 

Some plants like Water Celery and Dwarf Variegated Sweet Flag will actually maintain their color throughout the winter as well as provide texture. Water Celery will even turn an intense pink-purple as the weather cools. 

Lotus and Waterlilies can be cut with the stems and the seed pods standing above the water for winter texture. 

Submersibles like Anacharis and Hornwort need only be pushed beneath the surface to avoid freezing. 

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