Disappearing Fountains

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A disappearing fountain is a great way to add the sound of water to your garden! You can create them using just about anything as your favorite fountain piece, then finish it off with the covering of your choice. Traditional fountain pieces include pots, statues, fountain or waterfalls.

How it Works

Water is pumped from a hidden reservoir buried in the ground. Make a simple connection using flexible hose and you’re done. Water flows through the fountain piece of your choice and back down. Installation is easy using the pre-mold reservoir.


Disappearing fountains are safe for children because there is no open water. They’ll also provide water for pets and wildlife. Install one near a patio or along the front entrance of your house to create a cooling effect.

Plumbing Glazed Pottery for Fountains

This inexpensive technique makes for a quick and water tight adaptation of glazed pottery into a fountain. Use of PVC standpipe allows plume of water at top and an easy way to drain pot in cold weather.

  1. With masonry bit, drill hole in center of pot.
  2. Place ¾” thread x 1” barb so thread goes through bottom of pot.
  3. Place PVC female adapter on PVC pipe, thread onto fitting
  4. Thread fittings together until tight
  5. Cut ¾” PVC standpipe to correct length
  6. Mix underwater epoxy together
  7. Use Epoxy to fill any other holes in pot
  8. Epoxy around fitting to make pot watertight
  9. Before running fountain, fill pot & test to ensure it’s watertight

What you’ll need

  • Drill
  • ½” Masonry Drill Bit
  • ¾” PVC female adapter
  • ¾” thread x 1” Barb fitting
  • ¾” PVC Pipe
  • Underwater Epoxy
  • Circular saw
  • Cardboard or carpet to put under pot while working on it

Disappearing fountains reservoirs come in 3-easy-to-install sizes. Larger reservoirs are recommended because they hold more water and allow for larger pumps with higher flow rate. Larger reservoirs also give you room for additional pots, statuary, etc. in your disappearing fountain. The possibilities are endless

Available in 3 sizes

All reservoirs include the reinforced plastic grating and ¼” plastic mesh


2’ x 2’

3’ x 3’

4’ x 4’