Water Gardening in Containers (Soft Cover)

(Nash, Speichert) The authors combine the art of container gardening with that of water gardening, resulting in this engaging book on water gardens in containers. The Chinese have been doing this for nearly 5,000 years--in pots, urns, and tubs. Nash and Speichert explain the basics: how to choose containers and make them watertight, how to select and install a small pump, how to select the appropriate type of fish, and how to protect fish and plants from predators. There are chapters on creating tub gardens, dish and indoor container gardens, aquatic hanging baskets, aquatic planters, and window boxes. There is information on making an English trough garden, an aquatic topiary, a patio pond, a fountain sculpture, a lotus garden, and a carnivorous bog garden. There are helpful photographs in color on every page.