Plants for Water Gardens

(Nash, Stroupe, Slocam, Romar) Nothing adds tranquillity, movement, interest, and style to a garden like a water feature. But without the proper plantings, a garden's pond becomes little more than an oversized puddle. Packed with superb full-color photographs of thriving water gardens, this detailed manual will help you select, cultivate, and care for aquatic plants in your garden. Learn the basics of planting, fertilizing, propagating, caring for plants year-round, and controlling pests and disease. Then choose the plants that suit your water garden and your tastes. Extensive, fully illustrated directories list the commonly available submerged aquatic plants for ornamental ponds, floating aquatics and aquatics with floating leaves, hardy and tropical water lilies, lotuses, marginal aquatics, and water irises. For each plant you'll get its scientific and common names, a description of its appearance and habits, and important information on potting, growing, and propagation. This valuable resource will help ensure the success of your garden. The definitive book for water gardeners.