Butterlfy Koi Domestic 4-5 in

Our most inexpensive and affordable grade of Butterfly Koi. Standard Grade Butterfly Koi offer a great selection of varieties and colors at an unbeatable price.

All Standard Grade Butterfly Koi have long and flowing Butterfly Fins. Any Butterfly Koi with short or stunted fins are removed before sale. Also, colorless, low quality cull-grade fish are removed.

Fish can be shipped anywhere nationwide. There will be a minimum box charge of $5.00/box of fish shipped. For shipped orders, actual shipment cost is charged. All fish will be shipped by commercial air carrier or by same day service. The purchaser must make arrangements to meet the shipment and Grassland Aquatics will not be responsible for live fish after they have been shipped by the appropriate carrier. Further, Grassland Aquatics reserves the right to choose the carrier for shipment unless special arrangements are made between purchaser and Grassland Aquatics. Special packaging and handling are required to ship fish and charges are made to insure your purchase arrives in the best condition possible. Grassland Aquatics will contact you for further details