Maintenance Policy


 Grassland Aqautics Maintenance Policy

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 This policy is from Grassland Aquatics / and subcontractors of, for the maintenance, repair or filtration installation of water garden ponds or fountains includes the following: 


Maintenance of a water garden pond shall be determined by the cleaning and maintaining of pond , pond hardware and pond plants.

Older and even newer ponds could encounter leaks not apparent until complete cleaning is performed. Grassland Aquatics will do everything possible to avoid such situations but does not claim responsibility for such occurrences. Any additional labor or materials to repair such occurrence will be billed at an additional charge.

 Grassland Aquatics will take every precaution to handle fish in a careful and professional manner. However movement of stressed or sick fish can result in the loss of such fish. Grassland Aquatics  does not claim responsibility under any circumstance for the loss of fish due to pond work.

 Waste removal should be available and clearly marked for disposal. There is an extra fee for waste removal

 Grassland Aquatics  does not assume responsibility for the integrity of construction for other contractor’s work.


Grassland Aquatics  is not a licensed electrical contractor and all electrical concerns are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Installation of equipments and fountains should be clearly marked for workman if homeowner is not present .

Homeowner should provide knowledge of existing pipe and electrical lines for any digging requirements.  If workman find an existing line while digging  all work will stop until the customer and Grassland Aquatics  have  agreed on a new location

Grassland Aquatics  does not assume responsibility for the integrity of construction for other contractor’s work.

 All work is done in a diligent manner. Jobs are completed in a timely fashion according to weather conditions permitting.


Hourly rate begins when Grassland Aquatics  arrives on the job.

No materials are included in the hourly rate.

There is a travel charge for distances over 25 miles from the store 

Payment in full is due at the completion of the job by check, cash, Visa, MasterCard Discover