Aerating fountain 3/4 HP 100ft Cord

Kasco Marine proudly presents the popular 3400JF model.  It is great for medium size ponds and when multiple fountain patterns are desired.

It comes standard with 5 interchangeable nozzles to give you 5 FOUNTAIN PATTERNS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! The 5 fountain patterns range from 7' in height to 20' in diameter. With 5 multiple fountain patterns, you have the freedom to adjust the aerating fountain to fit your pond, weather conditions, and your tastes. It does a great job at adding oxygen and improving your pond or lake aeration.

The 3400JF Floating Aerating Fountain is available in 120V and 240V, 60Hz models.

5 Fountain Patterns for the Price of One!


Aerating fountain 3/4 HP 100ft Cord