Fall and Winter Care for your pond

Posted by Cathy Green on

Tips for a healthy pond.

Get the pond ready for fall and winter. It is easy to have a healthy pond through the winter if you follow a few simple guidelines.    

·         Check the amount of debris in the pond. Remove substantial amounts of mulm and sludge from the pond before winter sets in. This will keep fish healthy . Fish hibernate on the bottom of the pond. And sitting in a bed of sludge that can harbor parasites, contribute to poor water quality or lower oxygen levels through winter months is not good for them.

·         Remove sludge manually with a pond cleaning. When fish are healthy and strong for fall or spring pond

·         Add Pond sludge remover or   Pond-Zyme with Barley to clean and clarify pond water. It contains beneficial bacteria and enzymes to consume sludge and clean ponds. Water temperature should be at 50 degrees for beneficial bacteria  to work.

·         Trim old yellow leaves. Repot overgrown waterlilies and marginals.  This can be done fall or spring. Although plants are larger  in the fall and the water is much warmer to work in. Discard or move tropical plants to freeze free environments during winter months.

·         Use pond netting to keep leaves and debris from accumulating in the pond over the winter months. It is also good to keep herons from eating the fish when they are exposed.

·         Winter – the pumps left on the surface of the pond may be kept running while it is only circulating top water. Pumps in the bottom of the pond should be turned off and filter and pipes drained.  Glass from the UVC need to be removed and brought inside.

·         Do not feed fish once the temperature is below 50 degrees and resume feed when the temperature returns to 50 degrees. Fish are dormant during the cold temperature and do not metabolize the food readily. Old food in their system can cause harm and stress. Old food and waste in the pond can stress the water quality when bacteria and plants are not growing to maintain the balance.

·         Maintain a hole in the frozen pond to allow harmful gasses to escape. Fish do not require as much oxygen during cold months since they are dormant . Cold water is easier to absorb oxygen .  Gas from organics can cause harm if trapped under ice for a duration.  Maintaining a hole can be done with an electric deicer or pond light.. A floating Ice Guard. Keeps the hole open with out electricity !

Grassland Aquatics offers Pond cleaning and maintenance service.  The schedule form and policy are on the web site or call the store for scheduling 615-790-0776